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Pandit Raghunath Murmu

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Pandit Raghunath Murmu ( May 5, 1905, Dandbose, Odisha State, India – February 1, 1982) was the creator of the script known as Ol Chiki (OLCHIKI script, “Ol Cemet & Parsi Poha ” are his premier book in, Olchiki , to educate the linguistic people about script,language for development of Santali Language, Literature & culture. The OLCHIKI SCRIPT (Santali alphabet) has both capital & small letter developed since 1925, during the time of retrieving of Indict OLCHIKI SCRIPT he has calculated the nature (Arrange the Day, Date, Week, Month, Year etc)in his calendar GODDET as per lunar clips and accepted unanimously by the Kherwal Community at All India Conference held at Bed-Kundri”(WB) in the month of Feb 1977 to get the Socio-Religious & Language Literature identity. As per the Calendar GODDET “MAGH” become the beginning month and the first day of Magh after lunar clips become the ” SANTALI NEW YEAR” popularly known as (Magh-Mulugh)like other Modern Indian Linguistic Community.In his working over Santali Language & Literature it’s aptly reflected the “principle of Identity of self rather than imitation” of traditional”Socio-Religion, Socio-Culture, language & Literature identity of Kherwal community of Ancient Bharat. It’s also known that prior to developed the OLCHIKI SCRIPT by Raghunath Murmu another script known as MUJ-DANDHE was invented by Sadhu Ramchand Murmu of Kamarbandi sealdha and Pandit Raghunath Murmu also used to visit over the region regularly and he has make out the Ashram near Dampara. So the relativity Pandit Murmu with Sadhu Ramchand Murmu about the script modern indict OLCHIKI is deeply rooted and their linkage can’t be ruled out, as it’s universal truth that without the ” Mahapurush” calculation of Nature bind under the Calendar GODDET by Pandit Raghunath Murmu is impossible.

He was not the philosopher’s nor a spiritual Guru of Kherwal which is evident from his premier book i.e. “OLCHEMED” where he wrote in the sky “IPIL=Star & ANGEL=Planet” are existed, but he has not written the name of Star & Planet,although he advocating the traditional religious identity as “Sarna Dhorom” for the nature worshiper people of central India. He wrote down the mythology of creation of universe, earth and human being in his famous book ” HITAL”(HIT=Root & AL=Writing(Root knowledge) and Mantro chanting during different socio- religious occasions in his another small book known as BAKHEN. He also worked a lot for enriching the “Traditional Modern Santali language-literature” and wrote as many as 24 for books during his working periods out of which only 21 are able to published so far the information from the reliable sources.

For his immense contribution towards the development of the Shantali literature, this college is dedicated and renamed after him to commemorate his achievements for the generations to come.